Online Hydroponic Training

This e-training programme trains the candidates on the basics of hydroponic farming technology and answers most of questions related to “how to set up hydroponic farming at home”. This is one of the best online hydroponic farming courses available in India both for those interested in hydroponic for self as well for those interested in hydroponic commercial farming. This online hydroponic farming course is also a good starting point for those having little experience in hydroponic and aeroponics.

What Makes Hydroponic Training Online Special?

  • Easy to access and use as all learning material such as hydroponic thesis, hydroponic training PDF, PPT and literature at one place.
  • Learners can exchange views on hydroponics growing via the ‘social mode’, which allows students to connect with others on their course and discuss their findings.
  • 24/7 access, so you can study whenever it suits you.
  • Allows students to communicate with tutors quickly and easily.
  • Virtual visit to hydroponic farming centre.

Duration: 3 Days

Fee: ₹ 8,800/-

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Course Content

Topic S. No. Topics to be Covered
01 Brief About Hydroponic Scenario
02 How to Start Hydroponics

  • What is Hydroponic
  • History of Hydroponics
  • Hydroponic Vs Soil
  • Advantages of Hydroponic
  • What can be grown in Hydroponics
  • Different Hydroponic Systems
  • Supplies & Tools required in Hydroponic growing
3 Interactive Lectures on Hydroponic Greenhouse

  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Technology - Structures and Climate Control Managment
4 Plant morphology and physiology

  • Root, Stem, Flower, Fruit
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Transpiration
  • Growth and development
5 Plant Growth Requirements - Nutrition, deficiencies, toxicities, pH, conductivity, salinity
6 Nursery Management for hydroponics

  • Selection of crops and seeds
  • Container
  • Media
  • Method of seed sowing
  • After care
  • Irrigation and fertigation
  • Planning for nursery of leafy and vine crops
7 Hydroponic Irrigation and Fertigation System

  • Different micro-irrigation systems
  • Components of drip irrigation
  • Media
  • Method of seed sowing
  • Distribution system
  • IFertilizer injection
8 Interactive Lectures Plant Nutrient Solutions

  • Common Nutrient Ranges in Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions
  • The role of pH in plant growth
  • The role of EC in Plant Growth temperature
9 Production Technology of salad crops in NFT system
10 Production Technology of vine crops in Aggregate system
11 Greenhouse crop production for pesticide management
12 Physiological Disorders of Hydroponically grown plants
13 Components of a Hydroponic Farm for Circulatory and Non-circulatory System
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