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Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants without using soil. Hydroponic flowers, herbs, and vegetables are planted in inert growing media and supplied with nutrient-rich solutions, oxygen, and water. This system fosters rapid growth, stronger yields, and superior quality. When a plant is grown in soil, its roots are perpetually searching for the necessary nutrition to support the plant. If a plant’s root system is exposed directly to water and nutrition, the plant does not have to exert any energy in sustaining itself. The energy the roots would have expended acquiring food and water can be redirected into the plant’s maturation. As a result, leaf growth flourishes as does the blooming of fruits and flowers.

Plants sustain themselves by a process called photosynthesis. Plants capture sunlight with chlorophyll (a green pigment present in their leaves). They use the light’s energy to split water molecules they’ve absorbed via their root system. The hydrogen molecules combine with carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates, which plants use to nourish themselves. Oxygen is then released into the atmosphere, a crucial factor in preserving our planet's habitability. Plants do not need soil to photosynthesize. They need the soil to supply them with water and nutrients. When nutrients are dissolved in water they can be applied directly to the plant’s root system by flooding, misting, or immersion. Hydroponic innovations have proven direct exposure to nutrient-filled water can be a more effective and versatile method of growth than traditional irrigation.

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What Are The Components Of A

Hydroponic System?

To maintain a flourishing hydroponic system, you will need to become acquainted with a few components that make hydroponics run efficiently.

Growing media

Hydroponic plants are often grown in inert media that support the plants weight and anchor its root structure.


Hydroponic nutrient solution is the main source of nutrients to the plant; therefore it is essential that a balanced solution.

types of farming

Controlled Environment Protected Structure

Controlled Environment Protected Structure is to provide protection and maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the development of the crop.

Protection From Pests

Maximum hydroponic crops are eaten raw hence pest management modules are necessary for the production of healthy pesticide residue free produce.

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We started our journey with 90 square meter area and reached more than 100 acres, still growing.

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